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Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 11-47-29 Living in the Shadow of a Black Hydra Center for Humans

E-Magazine Articles

"Living in the Shadow of a Black Snake", in Minding Nature, Centre for Humans & Nature


"In a Climatic Realm of Hungry Ghosts", in Minding Nature, Centre for Humans & Nature


"A Thanksgiving Species", in Questions for a Resilient Future, Centre for Humans & Nature


(with W. Woodworth Raweno:kwas) "We are renewable", in Alternatives Journal

"A Climate for Wisdom", in Tikkun

Image to Left: NASA view of Turtle Island from Black Snake article

Environmental/Land Education Articles

Below are a sample of academic Environmental/Land education articles with links:

(2018) “Let us continue free as the air”: Reconciling social work education to Indigenous lands. Journal of Social Work Education, 54(3), 412-425.

(2017). Renewing awe in the urban experience: Historic changes in land-based education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 121-135.

(2013, with S. Crate). Reflexive shifts in climate research and education: Towards re-localizing our lives. Nature & Culture (2), 134-161.

(2010). The fallacy of Environmental Studies? An interdisciplinary foray thru Canada’s academic programs. Environments: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 37(2), 1-28.

​​Image to Right: Image of Canadian colonial issues that I deal with through Environmental/Land education

Image 5 Canada Maple Leaf Mandala (words).jpg

Climate Change & Extinction Articles

Below are a sample of articles/links dealing with the cultural/spiritual dimensions of climate change, extinction and other global environmental issues:


(forthcoming 2024). Re-Planting the [Montreal] Tree of Peace: Renewing Relations in an Age of Extinction. In Religion and Extinction, S. Skirmshire & J. Kidwell (eds.), Indiana University Press.

(2022). In the Wake of COVID-19: Reflecting on Social Work's Climatic Future. Canadian Social Work Review, 39(2), 83-91.

(2020). Falling with Heron: Kaswen:ta teachings on our roughening waters. Social and Cultural Geography, 21(7), 925-939.

(2020, with Theriault, Mitchell, & Rubis). Special Issue Introduction – Living protocols: Remaking worlds in the face of extinction. Social and Cultural Geography, 21(7), 893-908.

(2015). Sila dialogues on climate change: Inuit wisdom for a cross-cultural interdisciplinarity. In M. Hulme (Ed.), Climates and Cultures, Volume 1, pp.235-252. New York: SAGE Publications.

(2014). Climates of ontological change: Past wisdom in current binds? Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 5, 247-260.

Image to Left: Egret that inspires a couple of my publications

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